acceso Control fuente de alimentación AC 110 – 240 V a DC 12 V 3 A Fuente de alimentación para puerta Control de acceso Sistema K80 en todo el mundo voltaje

Entrada de la CA: AC100V-240V estándar 50-60HZ 36W, salida de la CC: Estabilizador DC12V / 3 A.

Dimensión exterior de la cáscara del hierro: 120m m * 95 milímetro * 38m m.

Fije las salidas de NC / NO, puede controlar varios tipos de cerraduras eléctricas.

Nota: El tiempo de apertura debe ajustarse a 0 segundo cuando se conecta con cerradura eléctrica controlada. De lo contrario la cerradura del perno eléctrico sería Burned Down.

El paquete incluye: 1 fuente de alimentación del control de acceso de x, 1 manual de x.

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Descripción del producto

Power Supply is Standard 12VDC,3A Control electric locks or bolts directly, Lessen the load of access controller Save project wires,Provide very stable and reliable output in a various applications such as lock control/controller control/exit button/RFID-ID Reader.
These products are widely applied in access control system and related applications such as Electric Magnetic lock , lock controller, RFID-IC card reader ,password keypad etc.
1.Small and exquisite, easy installation.
2.Advantages: Voltage range input regularly from 100V-240V, compatible with world voltage, light weight, convenient transportation, small disturbance, output voltage fluctuation is only ¡À1% from no-load to full load, lock temperature rising reduces greatly (compared with power frequency supply).
3.AC input: Standard AC100V-240V 50-60HZ 36W.
4.DC output: Stabilizator DC12V/ 3 A.
5.It controls electric lock directly. It can set time lapse control circuit and unlocking time can be in 0-15 seconds(it is arbitrarily adjustable).
6.Automatic protection function: It will protect automatical and no voltage output when short circuit happening in the circumferential circuit.
7.Outside iron shell dimension:120mm*95 mm*38mm.
8.Set NC / NO outputs, can control various types of electric locks.
9.Note: Opening time must set to 0 second when connecting with electric controlled lock. Otherwise electric bolt lock would be Burned Down.
Package Include:
1 x Access Control Power Supply
1 x Manual

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